Cold nights, hot drinks, and Christmas shopping is underway!

It’s such a beautiful time of the year to share in cheer and gratitude.  This year, set your kids, family, and friends up for financial success by giving a financial gift that will appreciate in value over the years.

Jump start a college education

  • Start a 529 plan for a child or grandchild
    • A 529 plan’s key benefits may include: tax benefits on contributions and earnings on investments not subject to income tax if used on qualified expenses (see your local CPA for guidance on your specific situation)
    • With an Educational Savings Plan type, a saver can open an investment account and save for a beneficiary’s future qualified higher education expenses.  The money used for tuition, room and board, mandatory fees, books, computers, and required software are considered qualified higher education expenses.

  • Purchase and gift Series EE bonds
    • All of part, depending on income limitations, of the interest income on these bonds may not be subject to income taxes if used to pay qualified educational expenses in the same tax year in which bonds are redeemed.
    • Bonds may have lower returns than investments, but U.S. savings bonds are generally more safe because they are government guaranteed.
    • U.S. Treasury Bonds through the Treasury’s website by clicking here

Shares of stock

  • A share of stock is ownership in a publicly traded Company.  Consider if your family member or friend enjoys technology, buys from a specific retailer, or has a favorite candy or snack.  You can purchase a share of stock and transfer it to whomever you would like to gift it to.   It’s a gift that may pay dividends and appreciate in value over the years.

Give the gift that will grow and appreciate over the years.  You will surly be giving the gift of a financially stable future.

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