We’re breaking up the budget process into bite-sized pieces.

Rule No. 1 is to treat yo’ self through the process! Why? Because you are an incredibly brave person taking on a huge task.

It’s broken up in bite-sized, manageable pieces to set you up for optimal success.

By day 5 you will have a complete budget and the Treat Financial app in hand to make progress toward your financial dreams and aspirations.

You deserve to see your financial dreams come true and you’re strong enough to put your budget together!

So, here we go!

Day 1:  Getting the template and listing out your income.

Get started by downloading the Treat Financial Budget Template.  You’ll notice the first tab has the budget template on it.  You’ll see there is an income, expenses – needs, and expenses – wants categories listed.

You’ll notice there are two columns.  The column on the left is for you to modify for your budget and the column on the right is to add actual expenses.

Look back at your bank accounts and see how much money you earned.  Go ahead and replace the positive ‘$100’ with your number.

We absolutely love to see your progress so we challenge you to treat yo’ self because you’re crushing your goals!

Snap a picture and post on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TreatFinancial, so we can encourage and celebrate YOU along the way!


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