You’ve made it 5 days and we are SO proud of everything you have accomplished!

You set your intentions to create a budget and you have persevered and treat-ed yo’ self through the week.

We’re focused on rewarding ourselves so it’s easier to have good, new habits stick.  Every time you reward yourself for engaging with your finances, it positively reinforces the habit which makes managing your money easier and happier.

Today we are going to put your budget into action.  Time to track your expenses.

Day 5: Track Yo’ Self

Yes, it’s cheesy to say “track yo’ self to treat yo’ self” and we absolutely love it.

Tracking expenses is the key to your budget success.  By tracking income coming in and money going out, you have visibility if you are over or under budget.

We developed the Treat Financial app, which is free in the iOS and Google Play stores, so you have a tool to effectively track your money coming in and going out.

Treat Financial gives you the capability to assign multiple hashtags to one transactions.  It gives you the power to gain as much insight into your spending habits as you want.

Hashtags can be all shapes and sizes. You have the power to track the budget category, purchase, store name, purpose, and/or anything else!  Here are some examples to get you started:

Restaurant Purchase for Date Night – #Food #DateNight #SteakHouse

Purchasing Weights for Exercise – #Fitness #Weights #Target #ILoveTarget

Coffee Purchase on Business Trip – #Food #Coffee #EmployeeReimbursement #Business

Purchase of Groceries – #Food #Groceries #Vons/Safeway

Payment of Rent or Mortgage – #HomeExpenses #Mortgage/Rent

Purchase of Massage – #SelfCare #Massage #TreatYoSelf

Download the Treat Financial App today to hashtag your way to financial security and comfort.

Snap a picture and post on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TreatFinancial, so we can celebrate everything that you have accomplished in this series!




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