We are SO incredibly proud of what you have accomplished in the last three days and we hope spending some time to treat yo’ self has made the process more rewarding.

Today we’re setting goals and adjusting our budget to achieve those goals!

Day 4 – Matching your budget to your goals.

Setting goals gives you vision of what you want to achieve and the drive to start taking action.

Financial goals helps to prioritize where money should be allocated in your budget.

Near the end of 2016, I had decided that paying off my college student loans was important because I realized how much money was being wasted through interest on my student loans.  I realized with my salary I didn’t have my student loans at the top of my financial priorities.  In fact, it was in minimum payment purgatory.  I prioritized getting my nails done, Starbucks, and ridiculously expensive bottled water.  Setting the goal to pay off those pesky student loans helped me to revise my budget to reallocate money from nails, Starbucks, and water to my student loan payments.  You can find the full story here.

Go ahead, write out some financial goals you have for yourself.  Your goals may include paying off debt, saving for a purchase, or modifying some spending habits.

With improved insight into what you want to accomplish you can adjust how high you want your goals to be in your budget.

It happens that adding another category may mean there isn’t enough income to cover all of your budgeted items.  That’s ok!  All it means is that we need to reallocate money out of some categories and into your higher priority categories.  For us, the easiest sacrifice is to eating out.  By making more food at home, we save a lot of money that can be allocated elsewhere.

You’re rocking this budget series!

We are SO incredibly proud of you and encourage you to celebrate with a glass of wine, bottle of kombucha, or whatever else to celebrate YOU!

We’d LOVE to have you snap a picture and post on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TreatFinancial, so we can encourage and celebrate YOU along the way!

With each of these sessions, you’re strengthening your financial muscles and setting yourself up for success.

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