Many people will tell you that you need a budget, but may not give you the necessary tools to put it together.

Putting a budget together takes time, energy, and a great dose of patience.

Digging into your financial history may bring some spending trends that may make you feel overwhelmed, behind, or not on track.

While it may be difficult to look at prior spending, the goal is to simply get a financial health check so you have better insight moving forward.

With your budget in hand, you’re better set up to achieve your financial goals and successes.

To make the process easier, we’re breaking it down into a week long process.  After each step, we encourage you to TREAT YO’ SELF well because what you’re doing is no small feat.

So, here we go!

Day 1:  Get the free template and list out your income.

Day 2: Categorize Purchases Part 1.

Day 3: Categorize Purchases Part 2.

Day 4: Matching your budget to your goals.

Day 5: Track Yo’ Self.